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A vacuum breaker installation and repair is an essential service and component of irrigation systems. It provides protection against backflow of water from the lawn irrigation system to your home’s freshwater supply—your drinking water. Most sprinkler systems have a vacuum breaker located outdoors next to an exterior wall and at, or near, the house service line that enters into the house. 


Contamination of any water supply can have wide-ranging bad effects, so prevention is paramount. Most building codes require a backflow prevention device on all water systems. Since there is usually only one water system in the home for drinking water and all household use, including lawn irrigation, there is always the risk of contamination through cross-connections.

Backflow can occur if there is a sudden drop in water pressure in the home’s main water supply. For example, if the city water is interrupted for any reason, this could result in negative pressure on the home’s main supply. Negative pressure creates a siphoning effect in which water flows backward in the pipes. This event is rare but could cause water to be sucked out of sprinkler lines and into the main water supply, and from there, it can enter your drinking and bath water.


Regular maintenance for a pressure vacuum breaker is minimal. Periodically, check the breaker for leaks. They might leak if sealing tape or plumber’s putty connecting either side of the breakers is worn, incorrectly installed, or missing. Check the connections and replace the seals, if necessary.


The components of a pressure vacuum breaker can become damaged by freezing and  regular use over time. A definite sign that something isn’t working properly is leaking from under the bell or bonnet assembly of the valve. You must call us immediately for repair and replacement should this, or any other problems arise.

Vacuum breaker installation and repair
Vacuum breaker installation and repair


As a family-owned business over 3 generations, you have the assurance in our flexibility to budget and schedule your installation or serious replacements and repairs at a more opportune time, and the confidence in our ability to solving any vacuum breaker installation and repair issues you may have.

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Things a Vacuum Breaker Does

So to sum up the advantages, here are the top 4 reasons for including a vacuum breaker installation and scheduling a maintenance program on a regular basis for your home lawn sprinkler system:

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