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16 Aug 2022

Best Sprinkler Repair Phoenix

The Best for Sprinkler Installation and Repair Phoenix, Arizona

Statistically, sprinkler repair Phoenix homes will spend less time and money watering residential lawns effectively with our products and services. Your Gold-Standard Lawn Care Service for maintaining the health of your garden and lawn is Arizona Irrigation Company. On every lawn service call, regardless of whether it involves installation, maintenance, or sprinkler repair in Phoenix, Arizona, we guarantee Gold Standard Lawn Care results, timely delivery, and dependability.

12 Jul 2022
Benefits of Smart Irrigation Controllers

The 5 Benefits of Smart Irrigation Controllers Used in Arizona

Arizona Irrigation Company is the oldest and most reputable family owned Sprinkler Repair and installation service in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, in an interview with the owner, Tim Diekman, he was asked about his professional opinion about the emerging new technologies offered in the sprinkler industry available for home owners and how they might be of benefit.

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