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Statistically, sprinkler repair Phoenix homes will spend less time and money watering residential lawns effectively with our products and services. Your Gold-Standard Lawn Care Service for maintaining the health of your garden and lawn is Arizona Irrigation Company. On every lawn service call, regardless of whether it involves installation, maintenance, or sprinkler repair in Phoenix, Arizona, we guarantee Gold Standard Lawn Care results, timely delivery, and dependability.

Has your lawn sprinkler system started leaking, has your  water pressure suddenly dropped, or has it quit working all together?  Not to worry. We’ve witnessed it all. There are no too small or too big sprinkler repairs! You can be confident that we have the skills to handle any sprinkler repair situation. Our lawn irrigation repair services in the Phoenix area are reasonable, effective, and efficient.

Our technicians provides comprehensive services, such as,  upgrading outdated equipment, installing new irrigation equipment, fixing inexpensive sprinkler repairs, control water pressure, and more. We can set up new systems as required. Our Phoenix, Arizona team of certified and insured sprinkler repair specialists completes each job critically correct the first time.

The primary ongoing cost of today’s Arizona irrigation system is comprised of three components:

  1. Are you saving enough water? 
  2. Is the system properly positioned for your landscaping? 
  3. Is the operation properly maintained?

Providing Cost Saving Sprinkler Repair Phoenix Lawns

Sprinkler systems come in a wide variety, and we’ve seen them all. For our lawn irrigation team, drip and sprinkler head lawn care systems are both well-known concepts.

A ruptured pipe or a broken sprinkler head can be a messy, expensive situation. When our team answers your call, we will get to work right away to identify any issues and present you with repair choices. Our objective is to quickly restore your system to full functionality.

Any component of your irrigation system, including pipes, timers, valves, and backflow prevention devices, can be fixed by our experts. We take great pleasure in our quick service and outcomes that are guaranteed. Wherever you may be in the Phoenix area, we are pleased to react to your request because we are fully mobile and always prepared with supplies.

Reduce the Cost of Sprinkler System Maintenance with Our Assistance

Irrigation system maintenance on a regular basis preserves your investment in good condition. It does three things. First off, our affordable repair services eliminate the need for expensive household sprinkler repairs next week or the following year. Second, maintenance ensures that your lawn remains green. Thirdly, a well-maintained sprinkler system guarantees that your utility expenditures remain minimal and practical.

Unclogging sprinkler heads, modifying the seasonal water schedule, and inspecting for excessive wear are all responsibilities on our maintenance calendar. To make your system as effective as possible, we can optimally adjust it. Of course, we will replace any broken sprinklerheads, pipes, or valves. Our competent repair services are inexpensive, and you can anticipate receiving a quote before we begin.

Professional Sprinkler Installation Phoenix

Our solutions are the greatest for landscaping, lawns, and gardens. Automated watering systems can be tailored to give the proper hydration to the appropriate regions while using less water than hose sprinklers.

Traditional sprinklers, bubblers, and drip lines are all installed as part of our expert repair services for your lawn, trees, and gardens. Upgrades are another one of our services. In many cases, existing systems can be repaired to increase the effectiveness of your irrigation.

Call us right now if you need sprinkler repair in Phoenix: (602) 955-7440.

Four Issues That Require Sprinkler Repair Phoenix

1. Sprinkler Parts Damage

  • Clogged heads. Clogs or breaks have rendered part or all of the system inoperable. Because this is a common repair, we recommend routine maintenance.
  • Pipes that are leaking. Puddles are forming in one area while water pressure is insufficient in others. Sprinkler line repair is critical for proper system operation.
  • Sprinkler timer is broken. A broken sprinkler timer must be replaced or upgraded.
  • Water pressure is low. This could be due to a leak, a clogged shower head, or another issue, such as an installation error.

2. Installation Errors

  • The sidewalk is being watered. A residential sprinkler repair is sometimes required to stop watering areas that are not grass, a tree, or a garden. Many systems overspray, causing non-turf areas such as sidewalks and driveways to be watered.
  • Setting zones too close together. Due to overlap, there is too much water in some places. This issue can be resolved with adjustments.
  • Setting up zones that are too far apart. There are dry spots that necessitate residential sprinkler repair. Finding an overlap “sweet spot” is an effective repair for grass and other areas where you want broad coverage. Neither too much nor too little.
  • Pipe trenches are insufficiently deep. When too much weight is placed on top of shallow pipes, they will break. This issue necessitates sprinkler line repair.
  • Lawn and shrubs are both being watered at once. The amount of water needed by shrubs and trees is around half that of turf grasses. Scheduling can be changed for improved outcomes.

3. Equipment Adjustments

  • Combining different sprinkler heads. Various sprinkler heads may produce precipitation at varying rates. An Arizona Irrigation Company skilled technician specialist can modify mixing rates to account for various spray patterns or form variations. When installing or completing repairs, however, other Arizona contractors with less experience can inadvertently use the incorrect heads.
  • Use a timer with many system types. Different flow rates are used in sprayers, rotors, drippers, and bubblers. You will have unequal watering if you set them all to the same timing. They must follow their own timetables.
  • No shutoff for rainfall. Even though Phoenix doesn’t get a lot of rain, if your irrigation system is running when it does, you’re losing money. Most systems can easily be retrofitted with a rainwater shutdown. Our clients frequently ask for this.
  • The error of “one size fits all.” Not every place necessitates a large, complete spray circle. Many effective systems combine various nozzle types to fill spaces uniformly.
  • Incorrect height for the sprinkler head. Each sprinkler head should be low to the ground and out of the way when used on grass. The heads should be elevated in bushes so they can throw water more effectively.

4. Problems with Drip Systems

  • Inadequate pressure. Water pressure is necessary for the smooth operation of drip lines. Too many emitters on one line or faulty tubing are common causes of low water pressure.
  • Excessive pressure. Your tube will pop off due to improper pressure levels, and your system won’t function. This suggests that a pressure regulator has to be fixed or added.
  • Not tailored for the plant’s species. In the same yard, plants may require very diverse conditions. To meet these various needs, this necessitates a sophisticated blend of higher and lower flow rate emitters inside a zone.
  • Insufficient filtering.  Water is trickled to plants through very small holes in drip lines. They are easily clogged and unable to function without a filter. During routine maintenance, sprinkler repair Phoenix companies can examine the condition of the filter. Call us to find out if you have a filter or not.

Installing Our Sprinklers Will Help You Create the Yard of Your Dreams

With the correct lawn sprinkler installation, your yard may be lush and beautiful. When thinking about the system contractor you would want for your yard, ask them these questions:

  1. Has it been put in by sprinkler professionals?
  2. Does it come with the best tools for installation?
  3. In order to water the plants and not the concrete, will the sprinklers be positioned properly?
  4. Can specific plants have a drip system installed as part of the installation?
  5. Will it be simple for the homeowner to change the system time?
  6. How often will maintenance be required?
  7. Will maintenance help to lessen the need for repairs, to put it another way?
  8. Do the sprinkler repair technicians have any additional training?
  9. Can the installation team complete it using
  10. Can the installation team do the project with the least amount of damage to the lawn?
  11. Can installation be completed in a single day?
  12. Who will create the irrigation system? What is their educational background and area of specialization?
  13. Is the business a legitimate small business or just a contractor for a larger company?
  14. How much water does the system use?
  15. Are there any tools the owner can use to save water?
  16. If it’s raining, how can the system be turned off?
  17. Depending on the flora it’s watering, will the system operate in a different way?

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