Arizona Irrigation Company is the oldest and most reputable family owned Sprinkler Repair and installation service in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, in an interview with the owner, Tim Diekman, he was asked about his professional opinion about the emerging new technologies offered in the sprinkler industry available for home owners and how they might be of benefit.

The popularity of smart technology in homes is rising. Efficiency and ease of use are two benefits of smart technology.

Tim stated, “There is no reason smart technology shouldn’t expand outside and assist us in maintaining our landscapes as well. The smart irrigation controller is one of our favorite outdoor technological innovations. I’ve installed hundreds of the Irritrol Rain Dial RD600 Outdoor Station with the Toro SMRT Logic® Controller. With this smart irrigation system,  your landscape will be watered for you by a smart irrigation controller, which also has the ability to adjust for the weather, the type of plants, and other factors. Smart irrigation controllers are unquestionably more cost-effective than simple standalone controllers because of their numerous advantages.”

” your landscape will be watered for you by a smart irrigation controller, which also has the ability to adjust for the weather, the type of plants, and other factors. “

“Typical low-tech standalone controllers include only of a timer. They usually cause excessive water waste and even landscape loss from overwatering because they don’t offer any weather input or alerts.”

5 Benefits of Smart Irrigation Controllers

“Here are five advantages customers of Arizona Irrigation Company enjoy once they’ve switched to a smart irrigation controller like the Irritrol RD600 with the Toro SMRT Logic® Controller.”

1. Reduce Water Waste to Make Massive Financial Savings

The smart irrigation controller you choose may be able to account for the soil type, slope, the plant kind you are watering, and the daily weather. To further limit the risk of overwatering, some smart controllers also provide site-specific weather changes to account for the unique Arizona microclimate on your property.

The ability to manipulate a controller from your phone makes it possible to find leaks that would be very difficult to find with a low-tech controller.

Did you know that up to 70% of water use for irrigation takes place outside? This figure from the Environmental Protection Agency is much more concerning: Water used for irrigation is wasted by as much as 50%. Consider your water bill. That is a significant amount of water being lost! Smart irrigation controllers enable you to save money, the environment, and a substantial amount of trash.

2. Promoting Landscape Beauty and Health

Since their plants won’t receive enough water, many customers worry that switching to a smart irrigation controller may damage their landscaping. But overwatering, not underwatering, is the leading driver of landscape loss. This demonstrates how a change may elevate your landscape to a new level.

The Irritrol RD600 with the SMRT Logic® irrigation controller may be modified to provide the ideal amount of water to your plants, ensuring their success. Some controllers also take into account the kind of soil, cycling and soaking your irrigation in the ideal time intervals to ensure water is absorbed and doesn’t run off.

Additionally, they adapt for rain to avoid overwatering, which could harm your plants.

3. Aid with Preparing You for the Future of Water

Today, one-third of Americans spend more for water than they do for electricity. Water is typically the largest operational expense, and water costs are always rising.

Compared to other utility costs, the price of water is increasing more quickly. These rates will keep going up to cover the cost of infrastructure upgrades.

By conserving water, a smart lawn sprinkler controller can help you stay ahead of the water price curve and benefit the environment.

” One-third of Americans spend more for water than they do for electricity. “

4. Smart Irrigation Controllers Can Minimize Hardscape Loss.

The non-living elements of your landscape are known as hardscapes and include patios and rock walls. You can lessen the loss of your hardscape by watering directly where your plants are. It is expensive to replace and repair hardscapes that are deteriorating from irrigation, not to mention the water that is wasted.

By limiting runoff, watering with a smart irrigation controller will also stop cracked sidewalks and pavement.

Switching to an Irritrol Rain Dial RD600 with the SMRT Logic® irrigation controller is the secret to cost savings, water waste reduction, and landscape maintenance. Find out more about the smart controller Tim thinks you should choose for your home. Don’t forget to spread the word so that more people can benefit from learning about smart irrigation controls!

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